Technology and the Rise of the Digital Nomad

It can be argued that 2020 was supposed to be the year of vision. For many of us who lived it, that may be laughable but for others like myself, it allowed me to slow down and see what was truly important. As I end the first term of completing my Master’s of Science in Strategic Communications from Troy University, I have to say that the disaster that was 2020 played a huge role in me going back to school. With technology being the basis of any business and seeing my niece and nephew grow up so quickly, flexibility has become a top priority for me. With more and more meeting becoming remote through Zoom, having the ability to communicate across continents for business meetings makes having to commute seem very unnecessary. In speaking with a friend who is considered a non-essential worker, her organization realized they are more productive working from home than they are working from an office every day. Some may see this as confusing but here’s why:

There are at least 5 things that can go wrong before you even get in your car to make the commute. Not to mention having to be on high alert the entire time you are driving through rush hour traffic. By the time you reach work, your mind is elsewhere, and your blood pressure has skyrocketed. With literally everything either being computer based or on the verge of being digital base, the digital nomad life seems to be more and more attractive too many, myself included. Having accessibility and the freedom to work remote can increase productivity, strengthen relationships, lower stress, and give a true work life balance. More and more organizations should look at adopting this mindset. In many cases the micro-management mindset not only damages the mortality of the employees but stunts the growth of the organization as well.

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